Hayden's new homepage, here on the new dedibox server, this is changed from the old dev service, see more below.

I was thinking, and the dev service is old, HANG will continue, and dev will continue being online, but the information will no longer be up-to-date, please see net.hn.fr.to/~hng/notice.pdf.

Below are the IPV6 addresses for some services;

  • Download service (In progress) - 2001:470:69df:69df::1 (download.hng.ovh
  • Main server address - 2001:470:69df::69df (hng.ovh)
  • Scripts::
    1. I have a backup script, it mainly just creates a tarbackup, it basically shows a screen, but you have to edit web-bckup.sh, as in the ftp upload section instead of my user, i simply put [user] so [user], [pass] and [server] need to be edited, and when you run {see below} and after you upload the backup, the program will end, but after making backups of the files, the menu should reopen.
      curl -L https://hn.fr.to/backup/web-bckup.sh | bash
      wget https://hn.fr.to/backup/web-bckup.sh && chmod +x web-bckup.sh && ./web-bckup.sh
    2. I have an ip lookup and research script, find it at hn.fr.to/scripts/ip.sh, use wget to download it and the useage is;
      ./ip.sh [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]
    3. I found and edited a bit of a speedtest python file, find it at hn.fr.to, The useage is;
      curl -L https://hn.fr.to/scripts/speedtest/speedtest.py | python
    4. I have a download script, just another version that uses wget, to download into a users folder, uses basic parameters, follow instructions below; (download hn.fr.to/scripts/download-pre.sh, then make it executeable (chmod +x)
      ./download-pre.sh [user]
      download [user] [url]
      What it does is download the file in [url] to /home/[user]/Downloads, it is just a utility script to make things easier.
  • Networking && Sysad
    1. Yes, i now actually like ipv6, my research shows, that based on the average amounts of devices in houses, using dhcp6, if each house has their own assigned IPV6 block, for about 20 devices, yet again based on DHCP6, that every device could have their own IPV6 external address, and not stuck being a router, as lets face it, their are not enough ipV4 addresses for everyones device, more here , i also believe that it is the future, as we will run out of v4 soon, face it, currently only the dedibox and nodes are capable of v6, and my home network is not, by this i mean to use v6, i would have to use the node's ipv6. And that the home network only comes with ipv4, not ipv6. IPV6 NOT WORKING ON INT.HN.FR.TO, STANDBY FOR MORE
    2. For the new ip reverse system, all my ip's including the ipv6 from IPV6.HE.NET, and they are 2 /48 and 2 /64's, they are delegated to dns.he.net, and for the reverse systems, we use 8-1-14-7.ga, so for the ip of our main weps server,, we use, whereas for the main servers ipv6, we would use 2001:bc8:3575:: 5753.8cb.1002.ip.8-1-14-7.ga, using .ip instead of .ip6. Also, note these sites may not have webpages, and may not even have a web server, they are just for the reverse and PTR records. We use 8-1-14-7 as H A N G; H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, A is the 1st, N is the 14th and G is the 7th.


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